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    Ultimate Tycoon Games (Part 2)

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    Ultimate Tycoon Games (Part 2)

    Post by Eidrah on Thu Mar 19, 2009 8:55 am

    Fairy Godmother Tycoon

    Climb the ranks of the Fairy Godmother’s operation in this
    unique, easy-to-play game featuring cheeky new takes on
    fairytale favorites. Set up shop in different villages
    across the land. Check the weather forecast each day to
    find out which curses will strike the peasant village. Buy
    supplies and upgrades to create magic potions, set your
    prices, manage your inventory and hire contractors to help
    move your product. Sell your potions at top dollars and
    put the competition out of business. Start building your
    empire in Fairy Godmother Tycoon today!

    Download: Fairy_god.rar


    Carnival Mania

    Help your friend Polly restore an old, run-down amusement park to its former glory. Design and build sideshows, rides, food and beverages stands and more as you expand the park for maximum fun and profit!
    Unlimited, unrestricted gameplay.
    Complete all 54 levels of restoration.
    Access all 6 carnival locations.
    Play 2 thrilling game modes.
    Exciting carnival sounds & atmosphere.

    Download: Carnival_Mania.rar


    Flower Stand Tycoon v1.0.9.84
    Your Uncle Potts has fallen on hard times. His flower business is about to go under and he needs your good sense.
    Help your uncle by selling his flowers throughout the city in your flower stands. Advertise and upgrade the business to compete with other flower vendors.
    Grab their customers and market share and become a Flower Stand Tycoon.

    # Sell Exciting flowers, seasonal items and merchandise
    # Invest in research to create new flower types
    # Upgrade your stands to keep your customers happy and coming back for more
    # Compete against other flower vendors for neighborhoods. Get market share for enough locations so you can overtake the entire city.
    System Requirements:
    Windows 98, 2K, XP, Vista
    Pentium III 1000 or higher with 256 MB RAM
    45 MB free hard disk space
    3D graphics card with 16 MB RAM
    DirectX 8.1 or higher

    Download: Flower.Stand.Tycoon.rar


    Tabloid Tycoon
    Tabloid Tycoon is an economic strategy game in which you run a scandalous newspaper

    Download: Tabloid_Tycoon.rar


    Carwash Tycoon

    Spa Town is a compact town containing a shopping area, light industrial units and a residential district as well as six carwashing sites.

    There are a total of six possible carwashing sites and six types of car in Spa Town and your aim is to establish which types of car prefer which sites, what price they are prepared to pay for car cleaning, which type of finance suits the business best and finally the most cost effective way of advertising your service.

    When you are confident you have all the facts and figures you need, get your entrepreneurial hat on and start making some money!

    Download: Car_Wash_Tycoon.rar


    Pizza Tycoon

    OLDER GAME YES, but the gameplay is awesome, or at least I thought!

    Developer(s): Software 2000
    Publisher(s): Microprose
    Designer(s): Stefan Kurth
    Release date(s): 1994
    Genre(s): Strategy game
    Mode(s): Single Player
    Platform(s): Amiga, MS-DOS, Windows
    System requirements: PC Version: 80386 Processor, 4 MB RAM, 6 MB Hard disk space, MS-DOS 5.0, Amiga Version: Kickstart 1.3, 1 MB RAM
    Input: Keyboard and mouse

    Download: Pizza_Tycoon.rar


    Ice Cream Tycoon

    In Ice Cream Tycoon, you own and operate an ice cream business and attempt to become a millionaire mogul! Starting out with just a pushcart and a bell, you'll select your ice cream and try to mazimize your profits. You'll need to make the right decisions about which ice cream to stock and which neighborhoods to work in, while watching for the health department and local bandits that all want a big piece of your ice cream pie! Live the tasty life with Ice Cream Tycoon.

    Download: Ice_Cream_tycoon.rar


    Pet Tycoon
    Artificial life. It is useful game, especially for those who are going to take a pet. We are responsible for those whom we have adopted. Many people have no idea how to treat and grow pets. So, select a puppy from the list, give name and be a good friend. Your puppy needs constant care, so be ready to feed, water, brush, wash, play, teach and walk to make pet happy. From time to time you should visit a shop to buy food, water, treats, special equipment, toys, etc. One more necessary condition is teaching of puppy. Train your puppy different tricks and don't forget about treats. As your puppy is trained enough you can take part in dog competition and even earn money.

    Style and atmosphere inside the game:
    Puppy Luv is a great tamagotchi-like game with colorful graphics, variety of sound effects and numerous options. The options allow adjusting music, sound effects, size of screen, video mode. Comprehensive in-game tutorial and easy control make the game attractive even for small children. We strongly recommend try to grow up artificial pet first, face with all difficulties and requirements and then get real puppy.

    Download: 101_Puppy_Pets.rar


    Prison Tycoon 4: SuperMax

    The next edition of the business simulator prison. As before, you have to be from scratch, step by step to create a profitable institution, gradually raising its status to SuperMax, entitling contain the most dangerous psychopaths and the dregs of society

    Download: PrisonTycoon4.part1.rar PrisonTycoon4.part2.rar


    University Tycoon

    National Lampoon's University Tycoon takes a walk on the wild side of college life. Overthrow politically correct students and teachers to build your very own institution of debauchery, full of frat boy hi-jinx, jocks, cheerleaders, dorks, dweebs, geeks for riotous campus fun...

    Download: university_tycoon.rar


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