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    Final Fantasy 8

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    Final Fantasy 8

    Post by Eidrah on Fri May 01, 2009 12:28 pm

    * Full game on one dvd. 1gb in size smaller than other releases.
    * Savegame editor made by the same guy who did the FF7 editor.
    * FF8's Triple Triad minigame available to play online with friends without
    needing to enter the game.
    * Latest patches and fixes.
    * FMV player and game editor that does more than edit your saved game.
    * Higher resolutions and slightly improved graphics mod.

    Ps. Guide Inside!! look in .iso and read it!

    Rapidshare ~22 Parts~

    Download: FF8-WBB.part01.rar FF8-WBB.part02.rar FF8-WBB.part03.rar FF8-WBB.part04.rar FF8-WBB.part05.rar FF8-WBB.part06.rar FF8-WBB.part07.rar FF8-WBB.part08.rar FF8-WBB.part09.rar FF8-WBB.part10.rar FF8-WBB.part11.rar FF8-WBB.part12.rar FF8-WBB.part13.rar FF8-WBB.part14.rar FF8-WBB.part15.rar FF8-WBB.part16.rar FF8-WBB.part17.rar FF8-WBB.part18.rar FF8-WBB.part19.rar FF8-WBB.part20.rar FF8-WBB.part21.rar FF8-WBB.part22.rar

    Rapidshare ~11 Parts~

    Download: FF8-WBB.part01.rar.html FF8-WBB.part02.rar.html FF8-WBB.part03.rar.html FF8-WBB.part04.rar.html FF8-WBB.part05.rar.html FF8-WBB.part06.rar.html FF8-WBB.part07.rar.html FF8-WBB.part08.rar.html FF8-WBB.part09.rar.html FF8-WBB.part10.rar.html FF8-WBB.part11.rar.html

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