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    Magic: The Gathering PC Game Plus Update, A 1997 Game

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    Magic: The Gathering PC Game Plus Update, A 1997 Game

    Post by Eidrah on Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:51 pm

    Magic: The Gathering is a computer game published by MicroProse in April 1997 based on the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. It is classified as abandonware.

    The game takes place in the plane of Shandalar, where the player must travel the land and fight random enemies to gain cards, and defeat five wizards representing the five colors. The player must prevent one color from gaining too much power, and defeat the planeswalker Arzakon, who has a deck of all five colors. Adventure game and role-playing game elements are present, including inventory, gold, towns, dungeons, random battles, and character progression in the form of new abilities and a higher life point total.

    I make it in 10MB part file, so anyone using slow or fast internet connection could download and play this game.

    Game Link + Update + Installation Instruction. 80MB Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part01.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part02.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part03.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part04.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part05.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part06.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part07.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part08.rar Magic_The_Gathering_PC_Game_Plus_Update.part09.rar

    On December 2007 a user-created patch from 2005 was made available for the original game that includes missing cards from The Dark and Legends (notably gold cards). In addition to the missing cards, a majority of the cards from 8th Edition were coded in. These newer additions are not available in the Shandalar version of the game, but can be used for deck creation, gauntlet, and sealed deck play. In addition, the game engine was debugged, making game play faster and more intuitive.

    User Created Patch Link


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